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Safety   *    Competence   *    Freedom

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~ To guarantee our freedom by winning back our culture ~

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Click on the target to open.  Most are in Adobe PDF so that they can be printed most accurately and easily saved.  When printing image files, set to full size and 1/2" margins, with no headers or footers.  Each target is set to even English measurements.  So, if you want a precise target, measure after printing and adjust if necessary.  There is a 1" or 4", etc item in most every target.

Feel free to email me any other targets to add to this page.  


50ft Rifle Five 3" Targets Close Pistol Shooting Gallery

Pairie Dogs pDogs - Nosler Rhino-Pistol Rhino-Rifle

Scope Sight-In Midway Rifle Midway Pistol Pistol Correction